Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gloucester Day Update - April 13 , 2017

Update: Gloucester Day 2017 .... 
We will be holding our 1st Annual Punt Pass and Kick at the Major League Field on Johnson Boulevard and Nicholson Rd. The Date is June 3rd 2017 from 11am - 4pm ... Saturday ... Trophy for 1st to 3rd place Winners in each division. We also are giving away an XBox One to the person that accumulates the most sponsors ... See Details on Our Advertisements ... Competition will begin as follows ...
Peewee and Freshman Division will start at 11:30am.
Sophomore and Junior Division
will start at 1pm.
Senior Division and Girls Division 12-14
will start at 2pm.
High School Division
will start at 3pm. High School Boys and Girls Division will get a bonus for First Place Winner. The Criteria for getting the Money Bonus is you need to have 3 or more sponsors to get the cash. If you are the winner of the High School Division and do not secure 3 or more sponsors then you will receive a Trophy only. The Cash Bonus Award is 100.00 ... remember you must attend High School at the time of Competition... We will also be selling brand new 2017 T - Shirts and Hats with our 2017 logo and slogan. Everyone can get Sponsor Forms from the Mustangs Head Coaches or at any one of our upcoming Football Registrations ... Thanks to Little League Baseball and the Gloucester Day Committee for their enthusiasm and hard work ... Honoring all of Our Emergency Responders .... Let's have fun and make Great Memories ...

Friday, April 7, 2017

Personal Message to All Volunteers 2017

                  Gloucester Mustangs 2017

      Message for All Members and Parents         Gloucester Mustangs 2017     


       “You make a living by what you get. 
                      You make a life by what you give.”

The Gloucester Mustangs is a Non Profit Football and Cheerleading Organization with a sole purpose in mind to bring the gift of sport and competition to the children of our community. Thus while teaching the ability to work as a team and build relationships and character that will follow them into their adolescent years. Way too often we see a breakdown of faith and trust as our children grow and find their way in life. We fail to see as adults their need to contribute and feel part of something that could be very well the way for them to feel wanted or even fit in. The foundation that we build could be the inspiration that will carry our children through times of pain or confusion. They can see as we push the obstacles out of their way a great effort. Our efforts they see , Our Love for them they feel. The joy of a smiling face should be enough to make you realize how much you efforts count. How important our support for each other shows what they may have in the same instance as we produce our future role models. It's the teacher who prepares the student for life. If you ever may image if your efforts make a difference, I will say to all yes, a thousand times yes. Please remember that we rise by lifting others. Yes I know you may not have the time but we realize you have the heart. The smallest gift can go the furthest. Just one hour may change a life.
No One Can Do Everything But Everyone Can Do Something.

Be a Volunteer 2017

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Volunteering is all about Your Child's Future

 The Importance of Volunteering in Youth Sports 

Time isn’t something that many parents spare. Between working, caring for the children and keeping a home, you’re probably exhausted enough as it is. Add to that the social commitments, some down time and spending time with your extended family, and you’re probably wishing there were more hours in the day.
It’s easy to come up with excuses as to why you can’t be the one to help out with your child’s sports teams. After all, you’re busy, tired and surely another parent must have more free time than you. But will you be missing out if you pass up on this opportunity to really get involved in your child’s favorite pastime?
Here are five reasons why you should volunteer with your child’s sports team:
#1: They Need You
There isn’t much money in youth sports, not at the school level anyway. Your child’s team is probably struggling to get by on a limited budget. Yes, you could cut them a check, but your time is worth much more to them. They want parents who are involved, engaged and supportive. Although you may not know, you have some skills that could benefit the team. Whether you’re a wiz at writing press releases, a an expert fundraiser, or own a van that could be used to transport equipment, the team needs you.
#2: Extra Bonding Time
Going to watch the games is great, and you’re already an amazing parent. But getting involved in the team will give you that extra little bit of bonding time with your kid. It may also give you more of an insight into what your child is like outside of home. You may see him on the pitch every week, but volunteering will allow you into the backstage area too, and that’s a very different field.
#3: It’s Supportive
Telling your kids you support them is great, but showing them is even better. What better way to support your child’s team than by being a part of it? Your child will know just how much you support them when you start volunteering your spare time to help them out.
#4: Community Spirit
One small way you can improve the world is by making positive changes in your local community. By helping out your child’s team, you are getting involved in your local community and offering the skills and time they need to offer a better service. By volunteering, you could help the team reach out to more children, improve their game and offer the children better opportunities.
#5: That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling
You know what makes you feel good about yourself? Doing something worthwhile. Giving up one night in front of the television each week in favor of some voluntary work is pretty much guaranteed to leave you feeling awesome. By contributing your time, you will be making a difference in the lives of people in your local community and your own family. Go on, get stuck in and enjoy that warm, fuzzy feeling after doing something good.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Gloucester Mustangs Used Football Cleat Drive ... 2017

Gloucester Mustangs 2017 Football Cleat Drive

          April 8th 2017

Gloucester Little League Baseball Cleat Drive 2017

       The Gloucester Mustangs will be taking your old football cleats which your child has either grown out of or they are getting a new pair and have no use for their old ones. You can also bring used baseball cleats to us and we will give them to our Little League Representatives.

      This is a great opportunity to give back to another child who is in need of cleats. We would ask of you not Donate Cleats that are in need of any major repairs or worn out to the point where they can't be used at all.  If you bring them to us , we will evaluate the shape they are in and dispose of the cleats that are just too worn out to reuse. We will also be collecting used baseball cleats to be turned over to Gloucester Little League Baseball.
     The Mustang and Little League Baseball Used Football and Baseball Cleat Drive will start at our next Football and Cheerleading registration on April 8 , 2017.
Opening Day for Gloucester City Little League.
     Place : Major and Minor Baseball Complex
     Time : 3pm to 5pm
Other ways to donate your used cleats ..... 
Get in Touch with Nick Smith or Dan MacDonald via Our FaceBook Team Pages or Via This Blog or E-Mail Us at :
Thank You All in Advance : 
Dan MacDonald and Nick Smith ......

Thursday, March 16, 2017

GC Mustangs Fall Football Registration 2017


     GC Mustangs Fall Football Registration 
                 Starts Today 3/16/2017

Gloucester Mustangs Guest Bartending - March 19 , 2017


Come Out and Support Our Mustang Organization

The Gloucester Mustangs Coaches are Coming Back and at your Service

When :  Sunday - March 19, 2017
 Time :   3pm to 7pm
     Where : Tavern on the Edge - Gloucester , NJ

Lots of Door Prizes to Giveaway and Raffles to Enter and Win 

Chances to Win  a Mustang Jersey for 2017 ....
Chance to Win a Free Registration for 2017 ....
Prizes include Gift Cards .. Jerseys from our Local Teams ..
Also Baskets of Cheer and other Items to Auction Off ...

All Proceeds go towards Updating Football Equipment , Field Seasonal Upgrades , Plus New Practice Equipment.

Every Dollar goes right back into the program to benefit our Children. Our Football family can make a difference in the lives of all our Kids. 

Chance to win Eagles PreSeason Tickets ....


 Businesses  : Come out and Support our Football Organization and Place your Business Cards in the Bucket to Win a Free 2017 

Mustang Navy Sponsorship --  $350.00 Value

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gloucester Mustangs Coaches and Parents 2017 List of Events / Updated April 14 , 2017

Gloucester Mustangs 2017 List of Events
Coaches , Members and Mustang Parents
                                Mark Your Calendars 

April 17th 2017 - CPR & First Aid Certification @ The Gloucester Heights Fire Hall - Nicholson Rd. - 6pm

April 22nd 2017 - Football and Cheerleading Registrations
3pm to 5pm @ The Tavern on the Edge

May 6th 2017 -  Football and Cheerleading Registrations
3pm to 5pm @ The Tavern on the Edge

May 20th 2017 Football and Cheerleading Registrations
3pm to 5pm @ The Tavern on the Edge

June 3rd 2017 - First Annual Punt , Pass and Kick at Gloucester Day. Prizes and Trophies in 8 Categories. We will also be having Football and Cheerleading Registration from 11am until 4pm. Most accumulated sponsors will win a brand new XBox One 

June 17th 2017 Football and Cheerleading Registrations
3pm to 5pm @ The Tavern on the Edge
July 18th,20th,25th and 27th - 2017 - We will be holding Football Camp along with Our Gloucester High School Coaches and Players.

August 1st 2017 - National Night Out - We will be holding Flag Football Games by Appropriate Age Groups. All Proceeds of our Concession Stand will be donated to the Gloucester PBA
                                 ... No Practice ...

August 11th 2017 - Football Coin Drop. Mandatory for all Coaches.

August 17th 2017 -  Mustang Swim Night and Coaches Sports Psychology Class. This will be counted as part of this years Coaches Certification.
                                 ... No Practice ...

September 8th 2017 - Cheerleading Coin Drop. Mandatory for all Coaches.

September 18th 2017 - Football and Cheerleading Pictures.
Pictures will be held at the Little League Baseball Indoor Facility / Batting Cages .... Times will be announced ... 
                                ... No Practice ...

September 29th 2017 - First annual Gloucester Mustangs Beef and Beer / Chinese Auction with a Huge Grand Prize. You Don't want to miss this one folks. Just a Hint of our Theme for this Night not to entirely give it away ... We are naming it....
Queens of the Gridiron

October 20th & 21st - Gloucester Mustangs Haunted Hayride October 22nd - Trunk or Treat 
October 27th , 28th and 29th - will be Rain Dates for this event.

November 12th 2017 - Spaghetti Dinner - Served by Coaches.
will be held at the Tavern on the Edge from 4pm to 7pm. Bring the Family out for a great meal at a great price.

 This List of Fundraisers and Events were put together by Our Football Organization with the idea that We can make a Better Tomorrow for Our Children and The Entire Community. I am Proud of the Hard Work of Our E-Board , Coaches and Members. I am also Proud of the Dedication of this Group and The Leadership portrayed by Our Social and Everything Director Nick Smith , along with the help of Kristina Smith. They make a Great Team. One of our main goals for this season was to have great communication with our Coaches and Parents. The Details of each Event will be listed as the Event itself grows closer to it's date.  
   Thanks for all your support , Dan MacDonald